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A friend of mine sent me some true stories about him and his dog when he was younger. I pass them on to you with his permission. Dog Tales I was 12-years-old and as every normal young man, I had the run of the neighborhood. Having many friends, myself with the higher IQ of most, I was always doing odd jobs for all the neighbors. Having a lot of mechanical abilities, I had a small engine repair shop in our backyard. My Step-Dad and I built a large steel building where I worked on mowers (riding and push), chain saws, go-carts, mini-bikes, tillers (garden), and all small engine-type machinery. The building was solid steel with only one door and no windows. I added a latch on the inside of the door where I could lock myself in for the privacy to work without unnecessary interruptions. The setting was a great work place. I had all the tools imaginable along with work benches and so on. Once inside, I had every- thing to do the best job possible. As most young men, I had a best friend that stayed by my side just about everywhere I'd go. Whenever you'd see me, my friend and PROTECTOR was there. My friend and protector was a large German Shepherd. He was large, weighing approximately 100 lbs. Sarge, a male Shepherd, was there for me to listen and watch over me when the (older) bullies would try to pick on me. Never did he let me down. When I'd go into my workshop, he would be there! He never did answer, but he would never fail to listen. On one hot summer night, I decided to go out and tinker around to get a head start on the next day. I had on a pair of short shorts and a T-shirt which was my normal apparel during the summer. Of course, my best friend was right by my side. We went in, locked the door, and I sat on a stool beginning to work on a push mower. The stool was real low to the ground where my knees were higher than my butt. I was putting points and condenser in, and out of the blue my best friend came over and began humping on my leg. It was rather shocking at the time. Being a larger dog than most, when he wrapped his front legs around mine, he meant business. I tried to push him off, but the more I pushed the more he pulled on and the harder he humped. Then I felt his dick slapping against my leg. For some reason, that feeling excited me. I leaned over to see it, which made the excitement increase even more. It was large, long, kind of pointed at the head and super pink. My own dick began getting hard and I knew the feeling of getting off. He was humping even harder now and I saw him letting out some a pre-cum on my leg. When I saw that, I knew he was needing to get off. I had some Vaseline within my reach so I grabbed it and took a good amount in my hand. I then took a hold of his dick, grasping it firmly, letting him fuck it as hard as he wanted. He pulled even tighter to my leg and fucked my hand real fast. It wasn't too long before he started shaking and shot cum all up and down my legs and arms. Right when he got off, his dick swelled up 3 times larger and the cum was in a great amount. That was real exciting and hot! The size of his tool was fascinating; when he got off, it swelled like a balloon, the shots of cum were long, thick and covered my entire leg. When he backed off, it was as if he looked and smiled, saying, "Thanks." He looked like he wanted to repay me. He started licking all the cum off my legs and got up to my crotch. My dick was throbbing. My nuts were hanging out and when his tongue hit them, WOW! I had to pull the rest out. I did and he licked it as if he had done it before. He licked my balls, started at the base of my dick and worked to the head. At one point, he took it all into his mouth as if he were sucking it. He licked it and gnawed until I couldn't stand it any longer. I stretched out both legs, held his head and shot my load. He continued licking at the head and caught every drop. He ate it all with a hungry look in his eyes. I had a gay dog and he really treated his owner with pure pleasure. We became even better friends right then, 'cause we gave each other a lot of pleasure. That was the beginning of a new type of relationship between us. Approximately two weeks went by without any happenings. We ran around as if nothing ever happened, although in the back of my mind I was worried about him jumping on my leg while out on an outing. It didn't ever happen, though! After two weeks went by, he and I were in the workshop late in the evening. As always, the door was locked on the inside. Since it was late, the rest of the family was already in bed, so there wasn't a chance of anyone knocking at the door. I was hard at work with a riding mower and had nothing else on my mind. I was leaning over the seat, working on the gear box that drives the rear wheels. It was apparent that Sarge had other things on his mind, though. He walked over to me and licked me on the back of my neck a couple of times. I reached up and patted him on the top of the head and said, "That's a good boy!" more beastiality stories

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